Christmas Turkey Salad


Christmas Turkey Salad Christmas is a time of indulgence – and food is one of those indulgences.  A "light version" of a turkey lunch is this salad. It's tasty, has nuts for texture and is low in fat. I generally use turkey breast, but be careful cooking it as it can dry out quickly.

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Foodies – November 2018


The sharing of food is like breaking bread, it's very symbolic. Robert Irvine Welcome to the November edition of Foodies and the realisation that Christmas is fast approaching. So great to see the sunshine as we prepare to spend time with family and friends, celebrating the past year and sharing delicious food! The Spring Menu is

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The Importance of a Partner


Your Sutherland Shire Wellness Champions The Importance of a Partner The general concept of a partner is a player on the same team or those working for the same cause. At Sutherland Food Services we see our community partners as an integral component of our business. Partnerships provide opportunity, sharing of resources and

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Green Lentil Salad


Green Lentil Salad This salad is great for Summer, inexpensive, yummy and quick to make. Perfect for lunch or dinner. FACT: Legumes have high iron content, which is beneficial in non-meat diets. One cup of French green lentils contains approx. 100% of your daily recommended intake of iron. Serves: 1 person Prep time: 10-15

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